Jersey International Air Display

We are go for #JIAD2023!

The organisers of the Jersey International Air Display are delighted to announce that the 2023 air display will be going ahead as originally planned on Thursday 14th September 2023, subject to of course to the Bailiff’s Panels consent.

The event which was on the verge of cancellation due to a severe financial shortfall for reasons beyond its control was saved following a last-minute 7-day public appeal to those companies or individuals in the Island who could afford to donate/sponsor £5,000 or more to the air display.

Although it did not achieve its £75,000 target, ten companies and individuals came forward with £5,000 each and the Economic Development Department increased their grant to the display by giving an additional £20,000.  This means that the 2023 event is secured.

Mike Higgins, the air display organizer stated that “we are extremely grateful to the companies and individuals, who have come forward to support us and ensure that the Island did not lose one of its most popular events. They have also ensured that we have not lost another visitor attraction and its important contribution to the Island economy. Without their support it would not be happening”.

“At this point in time we cannot name all those who have pledged money but we will do so once we have received their consent to do so as we want to publicly thank each and every one of them. We and the Island owe them and our other sponsors an important debt of gratitude.”

Mike Higgins also stated that he was also “extremely grateful for the support of the Island’s former Chief Minister, John Le Fondre, who worked tireless to help us raise this money”.

Event Organiser, Mike Higgins, can be contacted

Mobile 07797-728604

Landline 873956