Jersey International Air Display

Save it, or lose it…

This year’s Jersey International Air Display still hangs in the balance, following the organiser’s appeal on Friday. The appeal came for companies and individuals who can afford to donate or sponsor £5,000 or more towards the £75,000 that is still required to ensure that the event, which is due to take place on Thursday 14th September, can go ahead.

The organiser has stated that they have received a number of pledges for £5,000 from individuals to their appeal but much more is still required to ensure that the event can take place this year and have renewed their call for companies and individual who can afford £5,000 or more to come forward to put on the air display.

They are especially appealing to those companies who benefit from the air display or use it to host various corporate hospitality events on the day for their clients and/or employees to come forward to help fund it. They have also stated that they are also following up on some of the enquiries they have received regarding the display and are prepared to extend the go-or-no go decision on the event until close of business on Friday 4 August 2023 rather than the end of today as originally intended.

For background please see previous Press Release here.

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