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Patrouille de France will be displaying at this year’s Jersey International Air Display

After a period of uncertainty regarding the possibility to organize the 2023 edition of the Jersey International Air Display, la Patrouille de France will be present in Jersey on September the 14th.

Led by the commandant Aurélien Declercq, this year’s leader, the 8 Alphajet formation will perform its 2023 air show in front of the public for 22 minutes. After a first part manoeuvring with the 8 aircrafts, the synchronisation will move on to astounding figures and especially the “Heritage” formation, an unprecedented creation which symbolically reminds us that this year, La Grande Dame is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

Considered as one of the oldest and most prestigious acrobatic formations in the world, the Patrouille de France is first and foremost an Ambassador of the French Air and Space Force, representing the know-how and the commitment of all the aviators composing it.

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