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Thursday 13th SEPTEMBER 2018
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Air displays can be dangerous and whilst Jersey International Air Display A.R.L. want you all to have a thrilling and exciting Air Display your safety is of paramount importance.

Please read and take notice of the following safety notices:



The Director of Civil Avaiation has put in place Temporary Restricted Airspace to cover both the Practice session and the Main Display. It is an offence to fly a drone within 6nm of the display datum without a permission from Air Traffic Control.

Do not view the Air Display from the following areas: -

1. The Beach between La Fregate Café and St Aubin's Harbour.
The Beach will have been marked with buoys and other markers for the Display Pilots to line up on to keep adequate safety distances from the crowd areas behind the sea wall along the whole length of the Bay.

2. From a Boat north of a line between Elizabeth Harbour west wall to south end of Elizabeth Castle Breakwater through St. Aubin's Fort to St. Aubin's Harbour south arm.
As explained above, the display line will have been identified with buoys and other markers for the Display Pilots to line up on to keep adequate safety distances from the designated crowd areas. Please observe all local marine restrictions as ordered by the Harbour Master.

3. Elizabeth Castle and St. Aubin's Fort will be closed to the public on the afternoons of Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th September.

Helicopter Static Display: -

1. Due to the downwash caused by helicopter rotor blades it is extremely dangerous to stand too close to these aircraft when they are taking off or landing. The downwash can cause grass, dirt, stones and other debris to be thrown considerable distances. The larger the helicopter, the larger the downwash, and consequently the greater the threat of injury from flying debris.

2. Most of the Helicopters taking part in the Display have tail rotors. These are a great hazard due to their high rotation speed and close proximity to the ground. Stay well clear!

3. Please observe all safety notices, remain behind safety barriers and obey all instructions from the Air Display Marshals, Air/ Ground crew and the Police.

Static Display at Jersey Airport: -

1. Stay behind all metal, rope and tape barriers and do not enter the Airport Apron.

2. Do not stand behind any stand where an aircraft is manoeuvring, starting or refuelling. If an engine is running stay well clear of the jet exhausts.

3. Do not Smoke or throw any litter on the ground.

4. Parents should ensure that their children are kept under control at all times.

5. Please take care when entering/ exiting the Airport Busses and obey all instructions from the driver.

6. Please observe all safety notices and obey all instructions from the Air Display Marshals, Air/ Ground crew, Airport Personnel and the Police.

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