2020 Jersey International Air Display Cancelled

It is with great regret that we must announce that the 2020 Jersey International Air Display
has been cancelled.

The event which is watched by tens of thousands of Islanders and visitors to the Island alike each year
has had to be cancelled following discussions with Island Authorities due to concerns over the potential
spread of COVID-19 amongst spectators.

Event Organiser, Mike Higgins advised that “Although we had developed mitigation measures that
would minimize the risk of contagion and spread of the virus, concerns have been expressed over
whether people would observe physical distancing requirements. The view was expressed that many
people in the Island and elsewhere have come to believe that life has returned to normal and that the
virus poses no real threat whereas we know that the virus is deadly for some and is by no means on
the decline as is evidenced by the spikes in numbers of people contracting the disease throughout the
world, including countries that thought they had eradicated it.”

Safety has been and remains, one of the paramount concerns of the air display organisation, whether
in the air or on the ground, we have decided to cancel this year’s event and plan for next year’s which
we hope will be bigger and better than ever.

We apologize to all those who have made arrangements to come to the Island to watch the air display,
but the decision has been made for your safety and the safety of Islanders.
Hopefully we will see you next year on Thursday 9 September 2021.